In April of 2017, the University of Connecticut will be hosting a conference entitled “Beyond Borders: The Human Rights of Non-Citizens at Home and Abroad” as part of the Joseph I. Lieberman Conference and Lecture Series on Human Rights Practice. In preparation for the conference, this collection of course resources was created to assist educators in integrating lessons on the rights of non-citizens into their courses. The  collection includes resources related to refugees, migration, immigration, statelessness, theories of citizenship, the sanctuary movement. There is also a small collection of resources on how these issues relate to the new President’s administration. There are readings, video clips, links to useful websites, interactive activities, and some sample lesson plans. To browse the resources in this collection, scroll down and click on one of the topics below. Under each topic, resources are organized by type (interactive resources, video clips, useful websites, lesson plans, etc.) and a selection of books and articles are provided in a section entitled “literature review.”



If you have questions or suggestions for new resources to add to the collection, please email Catherine Buerger

This site was developed—and is maintained—by alumni of the Human Rights Institute Graduate Certificate Program.



 Immigration and Migration
Undocumented Immigrants & Sanctuary
Trump Administration